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Vasti was born and raised in the city of Chicago. Her passions include empowering young adults, and being able to speak passionately about overcoming life’s obstacles and living your best life. 


Vasti has over 10 years of experience in academic and non-profit settings and works well within a culturally diverse population.

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Vasti is a strong planner and problem solver. Life. People. Beauty. Fashion. Laughter. Pieces of Vasti. Vasti is ambitious about life and a believer in running toward your dream(s).  If you aren't dreaming she's dreaming for you. Vasti takes note of your potential and entices you to seek after what you would consider unattainable. Vasti loves to see people thrive, excel and succeed in life! 


Vasti sees the beauty in absolutely everything and anyone!  Her favorite canvas... human faces! Her infectious laugh and Latina sass will leave you wanting more. Vasti currently resides in Dallas, TX since 2017 where she is learning to love all things Texans. 


“Vasti cares passionately about people. One way she shows this is by cultivating the beauty of women from the inside out understanding that your soul and mental state have to be healed in order to radiate true beauty on the outside. She leads amazing tutorials centered around health and beauty. She is a great teacher and friend. I look forward to her podcast and know it will add to my continued growth as a woman.”

- Karla W.

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